Living at Large in the World

“I move throughout the world without a plan, guided by my instincts, connecting through trust, and constantly watching for serendipitous opportunities.”

I curled up with Rita Golden Gelman’s book Tales of a Female Nomad – Living at Large in the World for a couple days and read it “kiver to kiver”. Her book was loaned to me at a time when my husband and I had made choices that landlocked us and brought a screeching halt to any travel plans we might have in the near and distant future. We purchased 2 acres in 2004, designed, built and opened a bed and breakfast. The only places we traveled were vicariously through our guests. At the age of 48, Gelman set out on a trip intended to last a couple of weeks that turned into the adventure of a lifetime. She took me places I long to experience, but more than that her personal transformation and the relationships she cultivated intrigued me the most and held me captive as I followed along on her journey.

Although Gelman is a seasoned storyteller as a prolific writer of children’s books (70+), she also excels at telling her own autobiographical story – sharing her vulnerabilities, insecurities, instincts, opportunities and the challenges she experiences along the way. Immersing herself in the culture and community wherever she lands, trusting strangers with her life, embracing the people that graciously open up their homes and hearts to her, Gelman has written a travelogue that is extraordinary. So much so that Tales of a Female Nomad -Living at Large in the World is the number one book on my book list, which I recommend to people over and over again. Gelman has been a nomad living at large in the world since 1986. Her book and life continue to inspire me. She remains a nomad with few possessions and no permanent address. You can follow Rita Golden Gelman via her website.

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