Ken E. Williams, Photographer

Ken Williams is a retired educator living in a small town in northwest Wyoming. Ken’s photo work has for the past several years been motivated by his passion for locally grown food, sustainable and simple living and people who live the traditional values of personal communication and community commitments. He is uncomfortable with the digital revolution and (just barely) accepts this modern technology as a mean to reach more people with his extraordinary photographic images. I would add – a living history of our western rural, agrarian culture, the people and the changing landscape he encounters as he travels the back roads of America.

Pow Wow Dancer: Once each year, native people from through out the American west, gather in Cody, Wyoming to celebrate their diverse cultures and demonstrate traditional skills.

Farmers Market: During summer and fall, folks who appreciate locally grown food and family farms have opportunity to visit and purchase real food while becoming part of a community support system at farmer’s markets.

Wind Generators: Near Judith Gap, Montana, with cattle and wildlife grazing near by, each of the 90 generators produce enough clean, renewable energy to power over 350 houses.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ken and enjoying his photographic work for the past seven years. Ken is a gifted storyteller and historian with his camera; he’s an excellent writer, as well. I look forward to the day Ken and his photography partner Morgan Tyree publish their collective work! To view more of Ken E. Williams’ photography, check out their website backroadzimages and Ken’s Flickr Photo Gallery.

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  1. Ken williams says:

    Namaste – I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me along with gratitude and respect.

    Very big smile.


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