Chronicles of a Sustainable Homestead

My friend Tri Robinson and his wife Nancy have just published a collection of their best blog articles from their Timber Butte Homestead website in their new book Chronicles of Sustainable Homesteading. My copy arrived in the mail today and it is my first read of 2010.

Chronicles of Sustainable Homesteading includes photos, stories, insights and their Christian perspective from their life at Timber Butte Homestead in Sweet, Idaho to… in their own words… “serve as a handy guide for homesteading building projects, not to mention true stories of our adventures. Best of all, profits from this book will go to some challenging projects we’re working on through our church, including our RE:FORM ministry that is helping address seven areas of world crisis.”

In 1989, Tri and Nancy planted and continue to oversee the Vineyard Church in Boise, Idaho. Tri is also the author of four other books, including Saving God’s Green Earth: Rediscovering the Church’s Responsibility to Environmental Stewardship.


Louise Palanker’s 194-page love & war story Journals is written for middle school-aged readers. Description: “A young girl secretly discovers her father’s World War II, taking a forbidden journey into family history and learns that more important than finding the answers is being brave enough to ask the questions. Palanker’s Journals dares to ask the questions that tug at 10-16 year old kids or anyone who has ever been one.” The author’s storytelling alternates between the adult’s and child’s version of events. Read Chapter 1 for free.