Street Photography-Visual Storytelling

I have been so inspired by the street photography of Vivian Maier that I have taken my camera and begun walking the streets of my own home town to see what I can see, while getting some exercise. While approaching the intersection of 8th and Park, this young father with child caught my eye.

Here we have the same image, one color and one black and white. Click images to enlarge. How does color or the lack thereof affect your impression of this moment and overall scene? Of the two images, which one inspires your imagine the most and why? What impression or story is unfolding in your mind?

2 thoughts on “Street Photography-Visual Storytelling

  1. I also like the black and white image best. You could try adding a splash of color to the photo, such as just the pink of the bicycle- it might even add to the nostalgic feel, similar to the color retouching that was once popular with black and white portraits.

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