Give it Away

AndyMackieI heard about an amazing man, known as The Harmonica or Music Man, beloved by many. His name is Andy Mackie. His story is such a celebration of life it needs to be shared over and over again through the years.

I never met Andy, as he passed away within a month of our moving to the Quimper Peninsula, at the age of 72. He survived multiple heart attacks and surgeries long past the life expectancy doctors predicted. He credits his length of days to spending them giving of himself and what he enjoys doing most to others. Andy Mackie eventually passed away from a final heart attack and stroke on November 5, 2011. But not without leaving a remarkable legacy that was not only one of music, but one of kindness and generosity. Mackie chose to take the $600 he received each month for medications and invest it in bringing music to young children, providing them with lessons, giving out 20,000 harmonicas and 5,000 hand-crafted strumsticks to play. In 2005, Mackie set a Guinness World Record leading 1,706 harmonica players simultaneously playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” at the Seattle Folklife Festival. Andy Mackie continues to teach basic harmonica and how to build a strumstick posthumously  via videos posted on the Andy Mackie Music Foundation website.

The Andy Mackie Music Foundation, since 1996, continues his legacy to provide music for every child on the Olympic Peninsula. Facebook.

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The other side of impossible

Lake Cresent

Just when something appears to be beyond your reach, stand there in that moment and open yourself up to explore your situation with a fresh perspective. Pray. Shift your gaze away from the edge where you are poised towards that distant horizon. Inhale, breathing in possibilities and let your imagination take you to the other side of impossible. Let yourself feel the exhilaration and pleasure of being alive with opportunity to embrace whatever challenge is before you. Stand there in that moment releasing every scrap of concern and doubt, like bits of torn paper carried off by the wind.