I often drink from a black mug that reads “We do not remember days, we remember moments. – Cesare Pavese” wrapped around one side in white text. Pavese was an Italian poet, novelist, literary critic and translator who died the very summer I was born.

This quote has be one I have reflected on over and over throughout my life and am convinced it is true, absolutely true. I have many moments of my own that make a beautiful string of translucent pearls connecting beautiful moments in my life, others are like dimly lit figures stationed along the roadside on a dark night… haunting and I wish were forgettable.

Moments of significant impact have a stickiness to our recollection of past experiences that latch on to our shell, embed in our mind, warms or troubles our heart, lightening or weighing down the load we carry with us along our journey.

Having reflected further on the notion that “we (indeed) remember moments” for the past few months, I’ve made the decision to become a collector of “moments”, to preserve in a special archive of those who share their’s with me, our collective human experience one moment at a time. I have ordered myself a high quality recorder and microphone that I will use in the studio and out in the field. As soon as I have a collection to air, I will share the link to the audio-archive.