I invite you to to view my professional resume, the clients I have worked with, and get better acquainted as I share some of my personal interests with you as well. My strong belief is that we all have more in common than not, if we take the time to get to know one another. I hope you will share your comments and interests with me.

Blog posts are an eclectic array of topics that interest me, such as storytelling, memories, photography, writing for children, caring for creation, book reviews and interesting finds. Posts also include Moments, our stories, uniquely unforgettable moments in our lives – I hope you will share your’s with us. I also like to cook, sail and sing shanties.

From time to time I invite or write about an extraordinary person, often a friend, to share something of their knowledge, gift, passion and journey with us. My intention is to write more, record more stories and songs for my grandchildren, as well as preserve personal histories and special memories for family and clients.


Image Four Generations – Sitting on the lap of my great grandfather, “Bestafar”, looking at a photo of my father, Robert, held by my grandfather, Leif Henry Erickson. Bellingham Herald, Front Page Father’s Day 1951.


Image Sephira Lee – Holding my precious granddaughter. 2009.


Wisteria gracefully wrapped herself around the southeast corner post that supported the trellis shading the garden court. Her flowering branches wove through the latticework as lovingly as a mother would thoughtfully run her fingers through her child’s tangled locks.

Across the private arboretum, Wisteria could see the roses in abundant bloom. It was high tea and all the tea roses were arrayed in a splendor of color, sending a delicate bouquet of fragrance waltzing across the lawn on the afternoon breeze.

Good afternoon, Lady Roses, Wisteria said.

Good afternoon, Lady Wisteria. Do come for tea.

I shan’t be able today my dear friends, but please do ask me tomorrow.

– L.E.Erickson